Our Mission Is Too Big for Us to Achieve alone

Improving access to the creative industry for emerging talent needs true collaboration - if you’re working in this space, let’s help each other.

After four years of being ‘Lecture in Progress’ — we re-launched as Creative Lives in Progress last month. We have a new name, a new look, a re-focussed strategy, and a steadfast commitment to our mission of improving access to the creative industry for emerging talent.

  1. Encourage connection between those starting out, and those already in the industry through our monthly digital events; Pep Talk and Portfolio Reviews
  2. Aggregate and promote entry-level opportunities in one centralised hub, to help emerging talent find their first steps into the industry.
Some of the creatives we’ve showcased on Creative Lives in Progress
  • We aren’t currently delivering our own courses, or our own workshops to help bridge the skills gap needed to enter industry for those without formal education.
  • We aren’t reaching and connecting with every community or young person who needs help demystifying and getting started in the creative industry.
  • We aren’t based all over the UK; so need to rely on local knowledge, insight and help making sure we reach all corners of our nation.
  • If you are connected with a community of emerging creative talent that would benefit from our free resources, please tell them! Forward our site. And get in touch with Ahsan our community manager and let us make sure we send you our updates and alert you to opportunities, content and events that will be beneficial to your community.
  • If you’re a company who has an opportunity (big or small) for emerging talent — post it on our Opportunities Board please! It’s free! And if you’re interested in embedding in our platform more deeply — reach out to Jessica about becoming a company partner
Our amazing company partners at launch

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