Creative to Managing Director

In 2007 I graduated University having studied Graphic Design.

In 2009 I quit my job in design to help my friend Will on his website

Between 2009 and 2016 I’ve gone from a guy who could barely ‘graphic design’ for a living, to the managing director of a media company and creative agency employing over 25 people and turning over millions of pounds a year.

I’ve not loved every second of it and found it a huge (and ultimately rewarding) challenge. I’ve been at my happiest and at my saddest through work but have held onto the desire and passion to make our business a success through receiving incredible advice all the way along. This advice is the only way I’ve survived and eventually enjoyed the ‘hardest bits’.

The advice I’ve received has come from a broad range of sources (family, football managers, other businesses, mentors, friends) and I believe this diversity is what has made it so useful.

Now it feels as though I have enough experience and useful knowledge stored up that it’s time to share some. I hope it can can help others going through the same things I have and I’d love to become a source of advice for someone else.

Over the coming months of 2016 (this is written on February 21st) I hope to write at least one lesson a month and build up a bit of an archive that I can share when the time feels right.

I think the lessons will be most useful for creatives who are trying to become managers, but I hope they will be useful for anyone going through the ‘hardest bits’.



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